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The Australian Shakuhachi Society is pleased to announce Australian Shakuhachi Festival 2018 (ASF18).

ASF18 is a multi-day intensive for shakuhachi players of any skill level. Held over four days, the Festival includes concerts, group workshops, and individual tuition.

The Festival will be held at University College, Parkville, Melbourne, close to the airport and Melbourne CBD, with accommodation and catering options at the venue. (Google Maps link)

Invited performers include Teruo Furuya, Kaoru Kakizakai, Kazushi Matama, Riley Lee, Carl Rathus, Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, and Lindsay Dugan. Joining us on koto will be Satsuki Odamura (Sydney and Blue Mountains concerts) and Brandon Lee (Festival and Melbourne concert).

ASF18 is the perfect introduction for absolute beginners, who can receive special, individualised tuition for a substantially discounted registration fee.

Shakuhachi instruments will be available for hire or purchase.

Haven't picked up your shakuhachi for a while? ASF18 is perfect for you too, whether you want to revitalise your relationship with the instrument, start totally afresh, or just enjoy dabbling in the music again as a one-off treat, surrounded by like-minded people.

Click here to register!

Festival registration includes entry to the ASF18 Shakuhachi Festival Concert Melbourne, a rare opportunity in Australia to hear many master shakuhachi players performing in one concert.


- Full registration (25-28 Jan) is $480.
- Non-member registration is $510.
- Absolute Beginners* registration is $320 (ASS membership not required for AB registration).
- Single day registration is $170.

* To qualify for Absolute Beginner status, you must meet one criterion, namely that as an absolute beginner you have never before played a shakuhachi.

Payments are conducted via Paypal.

Registration includes entry to ASF18 Shakuhachi Festival Concert Melbourne.

Other public concerts associated with ASF18 will be held in Sydney (Jan 31) and the Blue Mountains (Feb 1).

Scores and audio recordings of pieces to be taught at ASF18 will be provided in advance to registrants, along with a festival schedule.

Accommodation options include onsite standard and ensuite rooms at University College.

Shakuhachi instruments are available for purchase or hire.

ASF18 PDF flyers here:     

ASF18 Schedule

Check in and registration will commence at 2pm on Thursday the 25th. The first session to kick off ASF18, starting at 4:30pm, will be an orientation and introduction of the teachers.

ASF18 will conclude on Sunday 28th at 3pm.

An outline of the schedule is as follows:

January 25:
Check-in and registration begins at 14:00, with the first orientation and intro session at 16:30.

January 26:
The first full day of the festival, starting at 8:30 with announcements and robuki.
Workshops commence at 9:00. Our first full group rehearsal for the Melbourne Concert is on at 10:30. After that we have workshops all day until the final session of the day, which is the second full group rehearsal, concluding at 18:30.
The Banquet starts at 18:45.

January 27:
As with Friday, the day begins at 8:30 with announcements and robuki, before we jump straight into a full group workshop with Furuya sensei at 8:45. The final rehearsal for the Melbourne Concert begins at 9:30. Workshops conclude around 17:00 before we have dinner, and walk down to the venue for the Melbourne Concert in Carlton.

January 28:
The final day of the Festival. Announcements and robuki at 8:00, and the final full group workshop with Riley Lee at 9:00.
The Australian Shakuhachi Society AGM commences at 10:00; come along if you want to get involved! We will be looking for folks to help out. The final workshop starts at 11:00. And last, but not least, the Student Concert from 13:00. A grand and fitting end to ASF18.


Three public concerts will be held in association with the festival.

The ASF18 Melbourne Shakuhachi Concert will take place at the Church of All Nations, Carlton, on Saturday January 27. Entry is included with the festival package for participants.

Concerts will also be held in Sydney at The New Church, Roseville on January 31st, and in the Blue Mountains at Kindlehill Performance Space, Wentworth Falls on February 1st.

Last, but most certainly not least, no ASF would really be an ASF without the highly anticipated, world renowned, critically acclaimed Student Concert. All participants will get to show off their new and improved chops.

Click below for flyers and to purchase tickets online. Tickets will be available at the door, but seating is limited, and online booking is recommended.

Melbourne Concert - Flyer | Purchase tickets

Sydney Concert - Flyer | Purchase tickets

Blue Mountains Concert - Flyer | Purchase tickets

Festival Registration

Select your desired options and click Add to Cart.

Please see Accommodation and Catering for an explanation of those options.

If you are not an ASS member, you have the option of signing up here to become a member and be eligible for the member's registration for ASF18, and get discounts to other ASS related activities.

(If you're paying via Paypal, you may be asked for a shipping address. Unless you are ordering a Yuu shakuhachi to be posted out to you before the Festival, nothing will be shipped to you, but just fill out the form as you normally would. Couldn't seem to get around this in the software...)

After completing your payment, we will be in contact to confirm details or address any questions you may have.


There are several accommodation options at University College for use by ASF18 participants.

Student Style Room

Student style rooms are single occupancy. Bathroom facilities are shared.

$220 for three nights


Graduate Style Room

Graduate style rooms can accommodate one or two people, and feature an ensuite.

Single occupancy: $280 for three nights
Double occupancy: $400 for three nights


Check in time is 14:00 on the 25th, and check out time is 12:00 on the 28th. Belongings can be stored at the venue while the festival continues after check out on the 28th. Linen is provided.

Accommodation can only be booked for a three-night block.


There are two catering package options:

1. Full Catering includes lunch and dinner from the evening of the 25th to lunch on the 28th, and also includes the banquet on the 26th. $150

2. Friday night banquet only. This includes no other meals. $70

Breakfast is included with accommodation for those choosing to stay at the venue.

The Banquet on Friday night includes alcohol and dessert. Vegetarian options will be available for all meals and the banquet.

Shakuhachi instruments

Shakuhachi instruments (Yuu flutes) will be available for hire or purchase.

To purchase in advance: $140 (includes postage)
To purchase at ASF18: $130
To hire for one day: $20
To hire for three days: $60

Workshops and individual lessons

As usual, there will be workshops teaching different pieces and styles throughout each day of the festival. All levels are provided for, from Absolute Beginner to advanced, so everyone will be able to join a class that is appropriate for their skill level, while also studying a wide variety of repertoire and themes.

In total we have:

- 9 Absolute Beginners workshops

- 4 Full group workshops, led by Riley Lee, Teruo Furuya, Kazushi Matama and Kaoru Kakizakai

- 3 Full group rehearsals for the pieces to be played in Melbourne Concert, Goru (comp. Katsuya Yokoyama) and Tamuke ('Hands folded together in prayer', traditional honkyoku)

- 18 Workshops from the level of Beginner to Intermediate/Advanced, led by all 7 ASF18 teachers

And finally, many slots for individual lessons with all ASF18 teachers. Each ASF18 participant gets a free one-to-one lesson with a teacher of their choice (pending availability of the teacher). More info below....

Individual lessons

Each participant will have a free individual lesson with a teacher. Getting in early with registration will mean that you have a greater chance of getting a lesson with the teacher you want.

Currently, bookings for private lessons with ASF18 teachers is as follows:

Teruo Furuya - Available
Kazushi Matama - Available
Kaoru Kakizakai - Full
Riley Lee - Available
Carl Rathus - Available
Bronwyn Kirkpatrick - Available
Lindsay Dugan - Available

Get in quick to book a spot! The schedule will be up here soon so you can nominate a time slot.

ASF18 T shirts

ASF18 t-shirts feature the new ASS logo! Once ordered, they'll be ready for you to pick up when you sign in at the festival.

Shirts are black, and available in sizes from S to 3XL.

T-shirt orders have now closed, but a very limited quantity of shirts will be available at the festival.

Note: shirt sizing is measured from seam to seam across the chest.

Contact and questions:
0415 305 777

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