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ASS Sydney Workshop, June 15th 2024

Lindsay Dugan will be giving a workshop in Sydney on June 15th, 2024. In this workshop, we'll do two pieces: Rokudan no shirabe (comp. Yatsuhashi Kengyo, 1614-1685), and the honkyoku San'ya ('yamatani' or 'mountain valley' version).

Rokudan is a masterpiece among sokyoku (traditional repertoire for koto), and is frequently performed with shakuhachi in ensemble. Not only is it an enduring classic, but it is excellent practice, and employs the full range of Kinko-style ornamentation.

San'ya is one of three the most austere piece in the KSK honkyoku repertoire. In this session, Lindsay will share some new insights gained from his PhD research into San'ya pieces. These insights concern interpretation at multiple levels of the musical structure, ranging from the finer details of discrete ornamentation to the shape and timing of multiple phrases. This session will take you beyond understanding simply what is written on the page, and bring you closer to the heart of San'ya.

In addition to the in-person workshop on the 16th, there will be a further two free online sessions for registered participants. These online sessions will be held on June 8th 10:00-11:30 (for preparation) and also on June 29th 10:00-11:30 (for review). These free sessions are a general run through to help with reading, and there'll also be time to examine specific details too. Of course, attending these online sessions is not a prerequisite for the face to face workshop.

Workshop materials
For this workshop, we will use the Chikuyusha score (aka 'aofu') for Rokudan, and the KSK score for San'ya. Scores and recordings will be available after registering.

This workshop is oriented for those who have experience learning KSK honkyoku and are familiar with reading Kinko notation system (ro-tsu-re).

This workshop does not cater to absolute beginners or beginners who are not yet learning honkyoku. Nonetheless, there is a significant discount for beginners who would like to sit in, observe, and participate as much as is possible. Contact Lindsay directly for details.

Saturday June 8th
Online session, 10:00-11:30: Rokudan prep

Saturday June 15th
Morning session, 10:30-12:30 (Rokudan)
Lunch break, 12:30-13:15
Afternoon session, 13:15-14:45 (San'ya)

Saturday June 29th
Online session, 10:00-11:30: Rokudan review

Green Square Music Room
Venue access
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The cost of the workshop is $80/100 AUD (ASS members/non-members).

Use the PayPal link below. We will contact you with further information soon after registration.

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