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Student Concert, May 28 2014

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Level 1, Sydney Conservatorium of Music Sydney NSW

Shakuhachi is the end-blown bamboo flute of Japan. It comes in many sizes and pitches and is often associated with Zen Buddhist breath meditation. The repertory in this evening’s program stems from several lineages including Chikuho, Kinko and Tozan.

Performers (shakuhachi and percussion):
Grandmaster Riley Lee, Master Bronwyn Kirkpatrick, David Jobst, Simon Barker, Nicholas Hall, Felicity Clark and Yui Kasamatsu

Honkyoku (canonical pieces):
San’an (Mountain Valley)
Daha (Pounding Wave)
Shika no Tone (Crying of Deer)
Hon Shirabe (Original Melody)

Shinkyoku (post-Meiji work):
Fukuda Rando – Tabibito no Uta (Song of the Traveller)

New works from:
Simon Barker – Chant Cycle
Yui Kasamatsu and Felicity Clark – Aliquot Improv