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ASS Melbourne Shakuhachi Workshop, Feb 23rd 2020

The Australian Shakuhachi Society invites you to monthly ASS workshops in Melbourne to experience the art and sound of the Shakuhachi – the Japanese bamboo flute.

Each month we will focus on one of several genres, including Yokoyama style honkyoku, and Kinkoryū honkyoku and gaikyoku, along with relevant technical aspects such as meri technique, ergonomics, breath, ornamentation, and tone.

Following on from recent workshops, we will firstly look at practice methods that focus on technical and musical points which are specific to the shakuhachi. If you want to locate and eliminate tension, improve positioning from fingertips to posture, maximise breathing and tone, fine-tune your intonation, or improve your finger speed, among other things, then you should most definitely join in! As Hisamatsu Fūyū wrote:

“Mastery does not lay in the mastery of technique, but in the mind of the music. Penetrating the mind of the music, however, is contained in technical mastery. Whoever has not mastered the technique will not penetrate the mind of the music.”

For the second half of the workshop, we’ll be doing the Kinkoryū piece Hifumi hachigaeshi (Yokoyama-kei), and a run through of Sanya Sugagaki (duet version).

Finally, we sometimes have a mini Hitoribuki no kai – solo performances by the participants.

The workshop is now live-streamed with multicam view. Not only can you see the group, but you can also get a close-up on the instructor’s instrument for a clear view of fingerings and embouchure. With professional audio mics, the sound quality will be as good as you can get over Skype. If you’re far from a teacher, want to participate in regular workshops, or simply want to connect with other shakuhachi players, sign up! Log on details for the live stream will be provided upon registration.

KSK materials will also be available for sale, including the honkyoku notation packs, and CDs by Katsuya Yokoyama, Watazumi, Teruo Furuya, and Kaoru Kakizakai. Email Lindsay in advance if you have any requests. Available items can be viewed at this link.

Date and time:
Sunday February 23rd 2020
Beginners: 11:00-12:30
Int/adv class: 15:00 – 17:30

ASS Members: $40
Non-ASS members $50

What to bring:
The workshop will be taught on a standard 1.8 shakuhachi.

There will be a number of plastic Yuu shakuhachi available for use by absolute beginners on the day; please specify whether you need to borrow a flute when filling out your registration form. These flutes are also available for purchase.

Copies of notation used for the workshop will be available on the day, and also emailed out to registered participants before the event.

Music stands will be available.

210 Berkeley St, Parkville VIC 3010

Trams running along Royal Parade, Parkville, provide easiest access to the venue. For detailed route and timetable information, please visit Yarra Trams.


lindsay [at] lindsaydugan [dot] com or call 0415 305 777.

About Lindsay Dugan

Lindsay lived for ten years in Japan, studying classical honkyoku with Katsuya Yokoyama and Kaoru Kakizakai, and Kinkoryū honkyoku and gaikyoku with Jūmei Tokumaru.

He holds Masters degrees in shakuhachi performance from Tokyo Geidai (Tokyo University of the Arts) and Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and is a shihan of the Chikushinkai/KSK.